Frequently Asked Questions


There's lots of info to cover when it comes to skating training. Please let us answer your questions.  Feel free to look below for the answers to questions that come up often.  If you don't see what you need click on Contact in the toolbar and drop us an email.  Have a fabulous day.

 01    Do I need my puck and stick? 
                  No, Swinton Power does not focus on stick or puck handling.  We will focus on
the core skating technique, edges, balance, power and agility - everything you need to be fierce once you pick up your stick! 

 02  Does my child need to wear full hockey gear for power skating?
                   Yes!  Come in your full gear for a great work out. Also bring a water bottle.
 03  If I want power skating for my team, what should I do? 
                   Unlike private lessons, teams usually provide ice time for power skating. This can be during your normal practices or on separately reserved ice. A Swinton Power coach will come to you and work with the team. This is a great value!  Just contact us and fill out a Team request form