Team Hockey Power Skating

Swinton Power specializes in developing hockey players individually so that they together create a fierce and powerful team. Coaches will work with a team to improve edge, control, increase strength, stamina, and power. Exercises in speed, agility, and self/ opponent awareness will improve team performance. Swinton Power trains coaches who demonstrate excellence.  They will bring out the best in your team.  Make an appointment today. Use the form below to request team training. It will send us an email directly and ensure that you have provided all of the required information. 



Sessions are 50, 65, or 80 min depending on skating level and team ice availability.  Rates vary.  Lessons will be with a  a Swinton Certified Instructor. 


Hockey Team training sessions are scheduled upon request.  Teams usually provide ice time for their team so times and location can vary.  Please click below to schedule your team.