Workout Instructions
Safety Guidelines

Please follow these safety guidelines when doing at home workouts: 

1. Wear tennis shoes and workout apparel that you can jump in. 

2. Jump Rope or lightly jog for a nice 6 minute cardio warm up before every workout. 

3. Workout in a safe environment. (Open space, flat surface, use a yoga mat if needed). 

4. Do not skip a workout cool down. Recovery is essential post workout. 

5. Never force a stretch or exercise. Only do what you can in respective exercise positions and increase difficulty when ready. 

6. Contact with any questions regarding exercises.

7. Hydrate before and after workout. Give yourself occasional water breaks during rests between exercises. 

Please note: If you have pre-existing medical conditions and need advice on adapting the workouts to your needs, please contact us!

Individuals choose to participate in these workouts at their own risk.  By utilizing this site, you agree to accept full liability for any injury. Please stay safe!



Workout Styles and Instructions 

Each Total Workout in the Training Library has instructions included (example 3 x 10 means 3 sets of ten). An exercise is demonstrated for one set.  Each participant should repeat the set two more times and then swipe or click right to move to the next exercise.  Total training time in one workout should be 30-60 minutes.  Beginners can adjust to 2 x 10 to build stamina.  

Focus exercises in the Training Library are a very short demonstration of each exercise that can be added as additional workouts.  Click below for details on instructions for these focus exercises.